Tuesday, Sept. 06 2022

I’m way offline – long time now. Still have a simple email client running on a very old laptop. I’m composing this message on it now to see if the blog will still post automatically from email.

Biking Along The Edo River

Mr. Ono is a one of our nomad friends we met in Bali and regularly caught up with there and in Chiang Mai as we made our yearly circuit around SE Asia for the 7 years leading up to the current “reset” attempt. Mr. Ono is a lifelong bachelor, probably in his mid 70’s. Fun … Read More

Assembling A New Toolbox For Digital Sanity Part 1

I am writing this post from within the Thunderbird email client on my Linux-powered laptop. When I am finished, I will just enter my secret email address and hit the “Send” button and this will be posted on JavaNomad.com with the email subject line as the title of the post and the email text as … Read More

Coffee & A Hot Apple Pie

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!   Java Nomad – once an international coffee snob who roamed the world in search of amazing beans – from farms in far flung forests to 3rd wave cafes in the world’s biggest cities – today finds himself drinking a $1.00 coffee with a $1.00 hot apple pie at … Read More